In addition to the events you can attend right now, we're also looking to grow our alliance so we can bring this important work to all of our neighborhoods, towns, and cities. For that, we need you! Check out how to become a member and get involved in volunteering below.

1. Join Us

Join our legion of Americans who believe that the fight to save our nation begins with a ceasefire among ourselves. Become a member of Braver Angels for as low as $12/year. A member of Braver Angels is part of a national community—we are Republicans, Democrats, and Independents of all political persuasions. We form local alliances and hold local workshops and debates. We discuss our differences with civility and look for common ground. We encourage each other and we organize others do the same. We are a grassroots family fixing our broken politics from the bottom up.

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2. Explore

If you're new to Braver Angels, we encourage you to learn more about us and to explore our range of unique events and offerings. Get trained on how to communicate better with those who hold differing views. Find inspiration in our debates, podcasts, and special groups. Engage in 1:1 Conversations or Red/Blue Workshops.

3. Get Trained

After becoming a member and exploring our programs, interested volunteers are encouraged to apply for one of the free volunteer training programs offered by Braver Angels National. With training, you be qualified as a workshop Moderator, Organizer, Zoom Event Manager, Debate Team staff, or Ambassador. Not sure what's right for you? Consider taking the Ambassador training to strengthen your knowledge of Braver Angels so that you can speak effectively with others about our work. Or contact us so we can help direct you to the training path that best fits your interests.

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4. Volunteer

As a Braver Angels member who's taken one of our training programs, you'll be well prepared to start volunteering effectively with Braver Angels and your local Alliance. Whether it’s organizing an event or promoting our efforts, your help is needed to bring red, blues, and others together to talk, listen, and understand. Let us know when you ready to help, or join Part 2 of our Intro Session below!

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Intro Session

Newcomers & Volunteers

2ND WED, 7:00PM-8:00PM ET (Zoom) Sept to June

Tired of the toxic divisions tearing our country apart and ready to do something about it? Attend our Intro for Newcomers & Volunteers to learn more...

If you're already a member and familiar with our programs, join us for Part 2 at 7:30pm to learn how you can put your talents and interests to work as a volunteer. And feel free to join early (for Part 1) if you'd like an update on Braver Angels programs and activities and to meet and greet newcomers.

7:00PM ET — Part 1: For newcomers & new members interested in learning about Braver Angels and our upcoming events to bridge the partisan divide. 

7:30PM ET — Part 2: For members interested in volunteering, locally or nationally.


Volunteer Training Programs

Members receive free training on how to run Braver Angels events and promote our efforts.

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Zoom Manager
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Debate Chair
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Volunteer Opportunities

Event Support Team

Are you interested in helping with local or national events? We need members to serve as:

Other Needs

You can also volunteer for:

A range of national-level volunteer opportunities are available as well.

Got other talents, interests, and ideas? 

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Connect With Us

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Got questions or want to learn more about how to get involved? Email us: ctalliance@braverangels.org 


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