We bring Americans together to bridge the partisan divide and strengthen our democratic republic.

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Braver Angels is a national citizens’ movement bringing liberals, conservatives and others together to bridge the partisan divide. Through workshops, debates, and other programming, we endeavor not to find centrist compromise, but to find one another as citizens—to listen and understand each other beyond stereotypes and to reduce the vitriol that poisons our civic culture. Our focus in not on changing people’s views, but on changing people’s views of each other.

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Depolarizing Within

SAT JULY 9, 2:00PM-5:00PM ET (Zoom)

Much of today’s polarization is driven by how we talk with like-minded people about those on the other side. Too often, we stereotype, dismiss, or ridicule our fellow citizens who support the other political party, its leaders, and its policies. Become more aware of your "inner polarizer.” Learn methods for disagreeing without contempt and ridicule.

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Skills for Social Media

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Social Media posts are often highly polarizing. In this 40-minute e-learning course, you'll learn how to improve the culture of posts and conversations in social media as a constructive alternative to the polarized and judgmental exchanges that dominate the current discourse. This can inspire more productive conversations and even lead to joint action with people of all political leanings.

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Our Newest Initiative

Braver Politics

American politics is broken.

Become part of the solution.

Braver Politics is a national initiative to depolarize our politics and remake our political culture from the ground up in a spirit of trust, citizenship, and good-will. By fostering opportunities for elected officials, candidates, and their staffs to participate in Braver Angels programs with each other and with constituents, develop skills for communicating across difference, and build constructive relationships across partisan divides, Braver Politics will influence our politics at the local, state, and federal level going into the next election cycle and beyond.


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